President’s Message



Welcome to March!

As we usher in a new season we also usher in new directions for business with many employees previously under work from home orders, returning to the office this week. Just as workers needed to adapt to moving to home working at the start of the pandemic, now a greater challenge for employers is to gain employee commitment to return to the office. We trust you are striking an equitable balance with your workforce.

For our Football Fans we are heartened that football and patrons are returning to the stadiums this year and with this we look forward to hearing from our March Special Guest Speaker, new CEO of the Geelong Football Club, Steve Hocking. I remember watching Steve play when I was a teenager and we look forward to hearing his direction and strategy for the Football Club moving forward. The Football Club has kindly donated a table in the Presidents Club for the 2022 season and will raffle this in March, launching at our Dinner Meeting.

Last month many of our members registered and paid for their tickets through the Event ticket link. We encourage you to move towards payment on this platform. This will be the only means by which we can reduce our bottlenecks at reception. You can register and pay by credit or debit card and members no longer need to RSVP that they are not coming – a change we made in 2021.

A Club favourite is our return to random allocation of table numbers to members. This means you will randomly draw your table number on the night* and be seated with new people to get to know at the dinner meeting. *Except for those with special dietary needs.

During COVID, the Club did suffer a loss of members – a challenge faced by many clubs at the time. However, thanks to many of our faithful members, who remained engaged with Club when we modified our offerings as well as those that opted not to join our webinars but stayed on as Members the Club has not been severely impacted. What’s more, we have continued to attract new members.

We have 140 members with new members being inducted each month. We include them in this Bulletin and will report on them monthly for those that miss a dinner or miss the new member introduction.

Don’t forget March’s dinner is the 3rd Monday as Labour Day falls on the 2nd Monday of March.

See you soon.

Maree Herath