President’s Message


PRESIDENT 2020-2021


Welcome to the Geelong Business Club home page where you will find information about activities framed by the GBC vision and mission.

The Geelong Business Club is made up of members who are in key decision-making roles in Geelong businesses, who collaboratively seek the best for Geelong and the region’s commercial prosperity.  The Club provides a means by which members can meet in a social atmosphere to promote and develop acquaintances and be informed on matters of business, civic and social importance.

I am proud to live and operate my business in Geelong; one of Australia’s largest and most capable regional centres with a diverse and strong economy having over 17,000 business enterprises.  With its close proximity to Melbourne, it is a town big enough to make an impact but small enough to remain local. Geelong has much to offer industry and businesses looking to establish, grow or invest and is an important contributor to the Victorian State economy.

The backbone of our great Club lies within our member base, both past and present.  Through their insight and commitment these members have helped ensure that the Geelong Business Club has remained an important part of the region’s community for almost 70 years, and provides a valuable platform for cooperation and for sharing of knowledge. It is a Club entrenched in the local community and offers great friendship and opportunities for all members.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the Geelong Business Club

Warmest Regards,


Denice O’Neill-Schlank