Leave of Absence Register

GBC Members please kindly note:

If you wish to take a Leave of Absence from the GBC please complete the below or email the Executive Officer –GBC@geelongbusinessclub.org.au


  • Please indicate your reason for Leave of Absence, and duration of leave, so we can update our records. On submission of this form, your leave request will be received, and you may take this as your acceptance, unless you hear otherwise from us. In the event you need to extend your leave, please let us know before the next meeting you are due back, to avoid unnecessary catering costs. Thank you for keeping us posted of your plans!


We understand that there are many valid reasons why our members may not be able to attend our meetings, and we appreciate some members may need to take some time away from our monthly gatherings.

If you are unable to attend the Geelong Business Club for three consecutive meetings, we ask our members to request a ‘leave of absence’ so that we know you will not be attending the meetings for a period and so we know not to check in with you.

Those members requesting a leave of absence are still deemed an Ordinary Member of the Club and their annual subscription ($440 as at July 2021) remains due each year.

Members who are granted a leave of absence continue to be provided with membership benefits and the opportunity to attend monthly meetings once able to do so. It also provides the Committee with a clear understanding of our member group and allows us to remain active, current, and connected with our members.

Members who fail to pay their annual membership are suspended from the privileges of the Club, which can be lifted throughout the Club’s year when payment of their subscription is made. Should a suspended member not lift their suspension throughout the year they will cease to be a member at the end of the Club year.

Should an Ordinary Member (with a paid annual subscription) resign throughout the Club year, they may transfer that membership to another interested manager or key business leader from their organisation.