Presidents Message June 2019

Dear Members

The election of our Prime Minister and federal parliament has transpired and as I mentioned in the previous newsletter that whatever your preference or political persuasion, let’s hope for the benefit all concerned we have strong effective government that stimulates prosperity for business and individuals alike.On another note, it’s that time of year when businesses need to focus on their end of year financials and maximize their tax benefits. I wish you all the best in that regard and every success for 2019-20.

The May meeting with Glenn Mills from “Delivering Better Lives” was a real insight into what a difference individuals and companies can make when they become engaged with the disadvantaged in 3rd world countries.  June we anticipate another interesting address from Neville Gall of Vesta’s wind turbines. Certainly a topical point in this day and age.

I look forward to seeing you all at the June dinner meeting.

 Tim Noonan